Shaolin-Do New Orleans Martial Arts

Living in New Orleans, we need a positive space in our lives to work on improving ourselves and restoring our spirits in a healthy & supportive atmosphere. Martial arts offers a structured path to health, fitness, and renewed self-confidence and personal safety. Contact us to set up a free trial class!

What are you looking for in a martial arts and fitness program?


Shaolin-Do passes on ancient self-defense techniques that were developed at a time when survival required that every move be the ultimate in simplicity and efficiency. You’ll learn to evade or break free from an attack, incapacitate your attacker and escape quickly and safely. This is important knowledge to have, but realistically, how many fights are you getting in these days? There is an even better reason to study Shaolin-Do than just personal safety. A reason that lasts a lifetime. READ ON!

Martial arts training leads to increased endurance, strength, flexibility, cardio fitness and mental serenity. The increasingly complex and challenging movements you learn (traditional forms) are the best training you can get for mental acuity and longevity. However, the reason New Orleans students stay with Shaolin-Do is because they LOVE Shaolin-Do. The only fitness you’ll ever stick with is the one you have a passion for.


What you’ll find at New Orleans Shaolin-Do are very skilled and humble teachers working with students as equals. It’s this open and respectful atmosphere that gives our students the chance to develop and carry a vast inner strength into every hour of their day.

Shaolin-Do students support and inspire each other to reach personal goals. Perseverance and effort is rewarded with rank and respect from their community and peers. You will enjoy new levels of personal power and self-esteem. No matter your gender, skill, age, fitness level or goals; you will fit in at Shaolin-Do.

Shaolin-Do students get the chance to learn hundreds of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Empty Hand and Weapons forms. You might be saying “what are traditional forms?”, but I guarantee that you will love learning these ancient pieces of human history, and you will see the immediate fighting application of the movements. Maybe this is the reason that 40% of our current students left another martial art school to come join Shaolin-Do. (back to top)

What is a Peak Experience?
A peak experience is a mental or physical breakthrough bordering on the mystical. This is the experience we try to reach and help others get to in each and every class. Peak experiences are the moments that shape our lives. Now we’re getting really close to the secret of Shaolin-Do’s incredible popularity.

The pieces of the Shaolin-Do experience; Self-Defense, Supportive Atmosphere, Close-knit Community, Health benefits and a near-mystical class experience are incredible and life-changing. Taken in combination they create an unbelievably powerful force of reinvention and motivation in your life. In fact, they create a life-style that wraps around you and infects every moment of your day with confidence, power and excitement. One of the most famous Psychologists of the 20th century agrees with us. (back to top)

The Psychologist Abraham Maslow & Shaolin-Do
One of the 20th century’s best known Psychologists, Abraham Maslow, theorized that all humans desire self-growth and actualization. His theory, called the hierarchy of needs, suggested that a person first had to satisfy the baser needs before working on personal growth, identity and higher purpose within society. These needs are as follows (paraphrased).

  1. Hunger, Thirst, Procreation
  2. Safety & Security = Shaolin-Do
  3. Community, Belonging, Being Loved = Shaolin-Do
  4. Self-Esteem = Shaolin-Do
  5. Self-Actualizing (discovering your identity and purpose in the world) = Shaolin-Do

We’ll make you a deal
You take care of the Food, Drink and Procreation and Shaolin-Do will help you with the rest. You start by learning self-defense, facing personal fears and feeling stronger mentally and physically. As a Shaolin-Do student you will automatically earn the respect of dozens of your fellow classmates and the others in your life that witness your transformation. By reaching for and achieving goals you never thought possible your self-esteem will soar. Finally, you will carry the power you feel as a martial artist to every segment of your life. You will be a Shaolin-Do black belt 24/7. It will be the strength that defines your life and determines your success in all of life’s arenas. (back to top)


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