Kung Fu Fitness


Our Kung Fu Fitness class is a modern, all-levels fitness class based on the ancient martial art from the Shaolin Temple. The class utilizes the easily-accessible techniques and principles of kung fu to create a fun, effective, and mentally-engaging fitness class. We’ll use traditional methods to train power, strength, flexibility, coordination, focus, and self-defense. No martial arts experience necessary!

Because this class stresses fitness, rather than Shaolin-Do's expansive curriculum of forms and weapons, it is a low-overhead way to try kung fu for the first time, expand another mind/body practice like yoga, or get back into training if it’s been a while.

$49 a month will get you continued access to every Saturday class. If, at any time, you want to deepen your practice, we continue to offer our standard Shaolin-Do Curriculum package that runs during the week. It includes the Saturday class but adds a belt-ranking system that rewards dedicated practice.​

Like the monks of the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin-Do uses fitness training to benefit not only our physical strength, but our internal fortitude as well.